Monday, November 23, 2009

A Sketch & A Card

Today, I thought I'd try something a little bit different. We begin with a sketch that (hopefully) shows the folding card project I experimented with. I should warn you that is hand-drawn and not necessarily to scale, but I think it gives you the general idea as well as the key measurements. Of late, cards that include this type of stair-step folding seem to be all the rage. I think this one lends itself to a holiday card very nicely.

Your base cardstock should measure 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". I chose to use a piece of Bazzill textured cardstock. The "trickiest" part of this card is a vertical cut that you must make from the 1" mark to the 6 3/8" mark. Where you decide to make the cut is entirely your option. Where you put the cut will determine the length of your stairstep folds. I made mine at 2" in from the left side of the cardstock. You can either use a craft knife and a straight edge or your paper trimmer to make the cut. Once you have made the cut, the rest of the card basically becomes an exercise in paper folding.

You want to use a scoring tool (in my case the Scor-Pal) and score from the right side of your cardstock up to the cut line you made. You should score your paper at 1", 2", 3 1/8", and 6 3/8". Notice here, that your first and last score (1" & 6 3/8") should meet the beginning and end of your cut mark. There is one final score to make, but it is slightly different in execution than the others. This score mark will go all the way across the entire width of your cardstock at 4 1/4". This is also the midline of your cardstock (and your folded card). Once you play with you scored paper a bit, you'll see the natural way it fan folds to create the stairstepped effect. After you've folded and creased your paper, the fun begins as your canvas is now ready for your imagination.

For my project, I used a piece of DCWV decorative paper measured to fit the front of my folded card in a complimentary shade of blue. For my cut-out decorative piece, I used my Cricut Expression and the new Limited Edition cartridge "When It's Cold Outsided 2009-2010". The large snowflake and the shadow were cut at 4". The snowmen came from the snowman snowflake. I merely trimmed them out of the snowflake with scissors and used adhesive to put them in the row in front of the giant snowflake. I liked the idea of the snowmen doing a secret unseen dance out in the snow in front of a giant snowflake (like their altar if you will). I added a Stampin' Up! rub on and sentiment to finish the card.

This card type is lovely in that it creates its own stand and would look lovely displayed on a mantle or other decorative holiday display.

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