Friday, September 11, 2009

Card Gallery #279

I promise you I'm not obsessed with Halloween. (Okay, maybe just a wee bit. Don't tell anyone.) But I had another scrap of the decorative paper from the treat box in the last entry and I hated for it to go to waste.

The second card is an interesting one (at least to me). I was inspired by book binding. I used extra strips of cardstock (the same I used for the base) to create a faux binding. It creates a natural offset for your decorative elements (in this case the glossy floral handcuts). The ribbon was a last minute addition--but the idea looks great with or without the ribbon. This is definitely a technique I want to experiment with more in the future.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Treat Boxes

This weekend, I felt the urge to experiment more with my Sizzix Matchbox Bigz XL Die (#114890, $42.95) that I purchased from Stampin' Up! With basically two diecut pieces of cardstock or other material, you can create wonderful multi-use boxes that are perfect for party favor, sweet treats, and small gifts. I worked with several types of cardstock and made versions of a baby shower treat box, a Thanksgiving prayer box, and the Halloween treat box pictured below.

I chose a rust colored textured cardstock to make the box out of. The tray insert portion actually requires no adhesive to put together (though you can add it for extra security). The sleeve portion of the box takes a small strip of sticky strip tape to construct. The diecut medallion on the top of the box is but one of the three choices you have to cut out with this Bigz XL die. I used a 2" strip of decorative paper with a Halloween theme to create the box band. Finally, the decorative topper--a whimsical jack o' lantern--is part of a new Stampin' Up! set called 'Pumpkin Patch' (#116499, $22.95) that was introduced in the Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini Catalog (see sidebar). I chose to fill my treat box with some lusciously juicy Sunkist Tangerine Jelly Belly beans. Trust me, the box contents were not long for this world.

May whatever treats you find stuffed in your inbox today be sweet and juicy! More importantly, smile and keep crafting...